Commodities are scarce and prices are skyrocketing. Based on Polymer Optical Fiber (POF) technology, FiberUnlimited delivers superfast OptoLux® indoor infrastructure with 90% less material than traditional copper networks. The infrastructure uses 40% less energy and construction can be done in half the hours. This makes OptoLux® a future-proof and sustainable connectivity solution for real estate, especially as the number of square metres increases. And that is good news for any property and project developer to be able to deliver more quality at substantially less cost.

Polymer Optical Fiber uses LED technology and ultra-thin 2.2 mm optical cables for data transport. The infrastructure has unlimited bandwidth with which an Ethernet network is realised. A smart integration of this into lighting systems combines connectivity and LED lighting in a single solution, providing enormous flexibility in addition to material savings.

Kilometres less cable
The largest material savings come from the applied network topology, the way devices and users are connected. In traditional networks, each connection for users and devices gets its own connection to a central switchboard that requires many hundreds of kilometres of cable in each building. With the OptoLux® solution, several connection points are linked together like a chain or in a ring. This saves up to 90% of cable needed where POF cables also last more than 30 years, are reusable and fully recyclable. And an entire additional system of cable ducts is also no longer needed.

50% less labour
Not only raw materials are scarce. Electrical fitters are likewise hard to find. Construction of the POF network with OptoLux® takes 50% fewer labour hours. Unlike copper cables, POF can be laid alongside electricity in cable ducts without any problems and cables can easily be laid anywhere in between without loss of quality. The network can be simply snapped together by lacing OptoLux® modules with POF cable. As a result, it is always possible to add or relocate new connection points in such a chain afterwards.

Infinite possibilities
Steven Bleker (CEO FiberUnlimited): “With POF, we prepare properties for the future. With smart connectivity that makes real estate ready for the possibilities of the Internet of Things. With a sustainable network that is fully circular. But also with a flexible and scalable network that adapts to the demands of the times. This could be a sound system, camera, sensor or bluetooth beacon today, but in the future systems for flying drones. Our infrastructure is already prepared for the endless future possibilities for each building.”

5 Million for expansion
FiberUnlimited is currently working on the roll-out of their technology in NedCargo’s completely renovated distribution centre in Soesterberg (25800 m2), the brand-new and highly sustainable HelloWorld (46953 m2) near Schiphol in collaboration with Delta Development and VolkerWessels Logistics, the new distribution centre of Vos Transport in Zaltbommel (18000 m2) in cooperation with Intospace as a Living Lab and the beautiful destination ARA Almelo (46000 m2) of Stellar Development in cooperation with Heembouw that is equipped with lighting-integrated POF-infrastructure, allowing these properties to breathe perfectly with the tenant needs of today and tomorrow.

High-tech investor and regional investor East NL see the potential of the technology behind FiberUnlimited and enable exponential growth in Europe and far beyond. An initial funding round of 5 million will allow it to focus on international growth and further development of its products and services to free buildings from polluting technology.

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