A.L.S. Logistik are the forwarding experts from Arnsberg when it comes to tailor-made movement. For more than 20 years, they have been offering their customers logistic solutions via land, sea or air.

The new facility has been built in 2023 to accommodate further growth. The building is 12,500 m2 and meets contemporary standards. From the start of construction, sustainability, digitalization, and cost were central to A.L.S. Logistik. Through TRILUX, A.L.S. came into contact with FiberUnlimited and learned about the possibilities of OptoLux. By combining the installation of lighting with data, A.L.S. achieved significant savings on cabling and incorporated sustainability into the network with FiberUnlimited’s proposition.

After completion, A.L.S. Logistik is ready for the future with OptoLux. The simple plug-and-play solution also offers many possibilities for expanding the network. It is very easy to connect access points, cameras, and other equipment to the network at a later time.

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