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Rapid improves and ensures operational excellence for e-commerce companies and SMEs to realize their full potential. Today’s consumers expect a fast and effortless experience. Rapid is here to upgrade the transport and fulfilment to meet the customer demands and guarantee that they have the best possible experience with the customers products and brand. Although the world is becoming smaller every day, the logistics issues Rapid faces are getting more complex. Over the past three decades, Rapid has become a fundamental partner for regional, national, and internation companies to professionalize the customers operations, help them become more intelligent about the logistics, and let them reach their customers faster.

Rapid moved into a new building at Schiphol Trade Park at the end of 2022. The building was developed by Delta Development & VolkerWessels Logistics Development. The total area of the building is 47,000 square meters and it is certified as a BREEAM Excellent building. During the construction of the building and the installation of the lighting, Delta Development & VolkerWessels Logistics Development decided to lay the POF cable simultaneously with the lighting. This enabled FiberUnlimited to set up the network for Rapid Logistics very quickly and efficiently.

Rapid stands for a good product and a responsible way of doing business. With FiberUnlimited and OptoLux as partners, this can be achieved. Connectivity is of great importance to Rapid and the internet is indispensable. All of Rapid’s buildings are equipped with POF, allowing the network to be set up flexibly in a very sustainable way. When there is a need for additional connectivity, Rapid no longer has to deal with pulling various cables again. Extra connectivity can be provided in every corner of the building in a simple way.

Rapid Logistics – LZ8

A new company building named LZ8 has been realized at Schiphol Trade Park in Hoofddorp by the construction company Aan de Stegge in Twello. It consists of a warehouse of approximately 23,000 square meters and is BREEAM Excellent certified. Schiphol Trade Park aims to be the most sustainable and innovative business park in Europe. This ambition is not only achieved through the use of circular materials and an ecological vision in area development but also by challenging companies to go a step further beyond the minimal high requirements in the field of sustainability.

With the installation of the lighting by TRILUX, the POF cable was laid simultaneously. This reduces installation costs and sets the foundation for the quick and efficient installation of the complete network. By taking this initial step, it was possible to complete the entire network in 3 days. As a result, Rapid Logistics could move into the building much earlier than with a conventional network.

By moving into LZ8 and using the FiberUnlimited OptoLux solution, Rapid Logistics continues to pursue responsible business practices.

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