Ara Almelo is located directly next to the entrance of XL Business Park Twente. Ara Almelo is a logistics destination that is surrounded by a unique natural screen of approximately fifteen metres high and almost one kilometre long. Giving nature a central place creates a strong relationship with the environment and an exceptional destination to work and be. The distinctive architecture gives a strong impulse to biodiversity and makes the destination the nature-inclusive example of the XL Business Park Twente and the municipality of Almelo. The largest ecological natural screen in Europe is being built in Almelo.

In the design and the carefully applied choices of materials and techniques, Heembouw has strived for the lowest possible CO2 footprint. As a result, Ara Almelo performs 70% better than the legal MPG standard (Environmental Performance for Buildings), which ensures that construction is carried out in a more circular and environmentally-friendly way. Ara Almelo has obtained a BREEAM Very Good certification, and this destination is one of the first logistics buildings in the Netherlands to comply with the EU Taxonomy Regulation. This transparent classification system follows from the Paris Climate Agreement. Stellar Development is strongly committed to further applying the circular construction economy, because what we build today has an impact on tomorrow.

Ara Almelo has a unique and advanced data and lighting system. A network of lightweight polymer optical fiber integrated in the continuous lighting system. With smart topology, suitable for flexible adaptation to the wishes of any future tenant. In addition, the technology is more energy-efficient, lasts at least 30 years and will work with future higher data speeds.

Stellar Development has developed this concept, Capella, in exclusive collaboration with TRILUX, INOTEC, CHESS WISE and FiberUnlimited. Capella is easy to use, contributes to a better environment and is a progressive connecting lightning-fast network concept that offers possibilities to link the latest techniques to the WMS (Warehouse Management system). This makes Ara Almelo one of the first logistics destinations that is completely drone-ready.

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