With more than 280,000 m2 of storage space in the Benelux Nedcargo stores, all kinds of fast-moving consumer goods, food & beverages. Every day, they deliver more than 30,000 assorted products to the distribution centres of supermarkets, restaurants, liquor stores and wholesalers in the Benelux. Reaching more than 30 million consumers.

The warehouse location in Soesterberg is a dedicated warehouse for Remia. Everything Remia produces in Den Dolder is stored and shipped from there, nationally and abroad. In this building, Nedcargo opted for a solution that is truly future-proof. The warehouse is 40 years old. Nedcargo has a long-term vision for the use of this building and major adjustments have been made that must also be scalable and adaptable. That is why they opted for TRILUX in combination with FiberUnlimited with a solution that gives unlimited possibilities to install access points in places that are necessary. Applying innovative technology that is really going to be introduced in operational solutions.

Connectivity is of course a question that is subject to time. That could be a PA system today, cameras and Bluetooth beacons, but in the future flying with drones or other sensor technology. The infrastructure shared with the light makes this infinitely possible for every building. There is power and position, people mostly work under the light.

Jurgen Mook: “The insight we have gained through the collaboration with TRILUX and FiberUnlimited is that with a renovation like this, we do not have to replace kilometres of cable. That we achieved a very scalable solution that is truly future-proof and that also helps us achieve our sustainability goals faster and in a better way. Also important is that if you want to grow as a logistics company, you must be able to switch quickly. I also really believe that a solution like this helps to develop quickly. If you equip empty buildings with a solution like this, you can scale up much faster as a logistics company and I believe this is something for the future. And we, as logistics companies, need this.”

With 90% less material, 50% less labour and 40% energy savings, we prepare buildings for the future. Not only with innovative technology but also for sustainability goals and in this way, we make buildings future-proof.

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Homefibre is our strategic partner in Austria. Their mission is to offer a perfect, comprehensive and very cost-efficient network infrastructure for their clients based on Polymer Optical Fiber (POF). We empower Homefiber in realizing enterprise class futureproof networks in Austria, Germany, Switserland and Northern Italy.

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