Our mission

We want to revolutionize in-building connectivity with innovative, copper-free, sustainable network solutions that minimize the impact on buildings and people. We aim to replace outdated, electrical, fixed, and polluting network cables with modern, optical, flexible, cost- and energy-efficient, CO2-saving alternatives. By liberating real estate from connectivity restrictions, we strive to create a world where unlimited, secure, reliable, and future-proof connections become the new standard.

Our vision

We envision a seamlessly connected world where connectivity permeates every facet of daily life, where smart and adaptable buildings lead the way, and effortless communication and collaboration transcend geographical boundaries. We aim to spearhead this vision by driving innovation and investing in sustainable technologies. Through delivering high-quality solutions and exceptional service, we aspire to make a positive impact on our society and the environmental.

Our strategy


We prioritize continuous innovation to meet evolving customer needs and drive sustainability through research and development.


We foster strong customer relationships by understanding their unique requirements and delivering tailored solutions based on trust and service excellence.


Sustainability is central to our operations, focusing on energy-efficient practices and minimizing waste to make a positive impact on society and the environment.

Channel partners

We work closely with first-in-class channel partners to be able to serve our customers in the best possible way.


We provide access to our service team in the most convenient way for you, and aim to resolve possible issues at the speed that suits your situation.


We provide the management and monitoring tools to enable the maximum performance of your network,

Meet the founders

Engelbert van Pelt

Meet Engelbert van Pelt. With a wealth of experience in building successful businesses in both B2B and B2C environments, Engelbert brings a unique blend of strategic insight and hands-on leadership.

Engelbert’s journey has taken him across continents, with extensive work experience in Europe, the Far East, and the United States. His global perspective shapes our company culture, propelling us towards ambitious goals and fostering a spirit of collaboration and diversity.

As a passionate leader, Engelbert inspires our team to reach new heights. His analytical mindset and positive approach enable him to define winning strategies, unite people behind a common vision, and forge strategic partnerships that propel us forward.

With a deep understanding of business management and a keen eye for emerging technologies, Engelbert is not just a leader; he is a tech-savvy visionary. His expertise in IT, networking, and communication technologies ensures that we stay ahead, delivering groundbreaking solutions to our customers.

Engelbert thrives in an international, multicultural environment, where his global ambition and personal approach create lasting connections. Whether forging new partnerships or driving operational excellence, he excels on the world stage, bringing ideas to life and making things happen.

Gert van der Weide

Meet Gert van der Weide, an experienced entrepreneur with a solid track record in the Dutch Telecom sector. His leadership at companies like UNET has cemented his status as a seasoned professional.

In his career, Gert has been instrumental in developing fiber optic networks across parts of the Netherlands, enhancing the country’s digital framework and facilitating future technological innovations.

As a leader, Gert is known for his ability to motivate his teams and investors through his practical approach to business challenges. His expertise not only spans multiple industries but also includes a particular focus on the evolution of connectivity and technological advancements.

Gert’s deep understanding of market dynamics and his proactive approach to identifying business opportunities have made him a respected figure in the tech community, especially in the realms of infrastructure development and digital transformation.