Bringing people together, connecting, and inspiring through organizing and facilitating valuable encounters. The RAI does this from the multifunctional exhibition and conference center at the Europaplein in Amsterdam, as well as in other parts of the world where the RAI is active. The total area of the RAI is 112,000 m² and annually, 500 events are organized here.

Due to environmental regulations, all halls are equipped with LED lighting, and the RAI has chosen to integrate POF cabling directly, making the implementation of the product very simple. Sustainability is extremely important to the RAI and must also be incorporated into the IT landscape. The RAI is an innovation center and always looks a few steps ahead, and this is how the RAI and FiberUnlimited came into contact. For the RAI, stability and speed of the connection are essential. By combining lighting with connectivity, the RAI can achieve this throughout the building.

Currently, FiberUnlimited is developing, in co-creation with the RAI, a further proposition for exhibition floors. This continuous innovation allows the RAI to always stay ahead.

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