POF versus UTP

Network cost

The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for an Optolux® network significantly undercuts that of a traditional (UTP) network. Unlike the UTP, where copper cables and installation labor dominate costs, the Optolux® network’s focus on electronics results in up to a 35% reduction in TCO. Given the evolving trends in copper material prices and labor costs, Optolux® stands out as an increasingly appealing economic solution.

Carbon footprint

The Optolux® network offers significant sustainability benefits by using only 15-20% of the cabling compared to traditional networks. Co-locating POF cables with electrical wires eliminates the need for separate cable trays, saving material and labor costs, while also having a lower carbon footprint and energy consumption.


Optolux® networks excel over traditional UTP networks with reduced cabling needs and co-location of POF cables with electrical wires, cutting material and labor costs while lowering carbon footprint. With potential for organic materials, longer lifespan, and upgradable components, they ensure sustainable, reliable communication, and system integration vital for operations.

Benefits for the installer

Easy installation

The flexibility and simple installation of the POF cable enable the installer to work more efficiently, resulting in lower installation cost and shorter installation times.

Quick connection

Fixing the POF cable connectorless via OptoLock™, network components are connected within seconds saving minutes of installation time per connection.

Less physical strain

The thin and lightweight POF cables are much easier to handle and install than the heavy UTP/CAT cable, reducing the physical strain on installers during the installation process.

Training and support

FiberUnlimited offers training and support for installer, including certification, to introduce them to using the POF technology. This allows them to extend their skills and stay in tune with new technical developments.

Operating independently

Installers can fully independently take on projects using POF components, giving them flexibility in their work and providing them new opportunities without being dependent on external parties.

Access to growthmarkets

Based on the knowledge and experience with POF technology, installers will be seen as experts in the field of sustainable and cost efficient, optical network infrastructure, giving them access to growth markets and attracting new customers.

Benefits for the project developer

Sustainable building

With Optolux® you will install a copper free network solution in your building, with a CO2 footprint that is up to 90% lower than a conventional network. On top of that, this network will consume far less energy than a UTP based network while in operation.

Undamaged property

An Optolux® network requires 80-90% less cables, while the POF cable is also much smaller than UTP. It can easily be installed without extensive cable ducts, in lighting system or other available spaces. And the pre-installed network does not have to be recreated at every new lease, avoiding construction work.

Improved rentability

New tenants are more likely to decide for a lease of your property with a pre-installed data network, avoiding rent payments while still waiting for their data infrastructure.
The flexibility of the Optolux network allows quick finetuning by adding an extra network connection anywhere in the POF ring.

Faster delivery of the building

Using far less cables, and a connector-less installation, an Optolux® network can typically be installed in less than a quarter of the time needed for a traditional UTP network.

Competitive advantage

A property with a pre-installed data network that is sustainable and flexible to adapt to the needs of a user, makes it stand out between alternatives. And on top of that, the user will benefit from lower operational energy cost.

Futureproof investment

The POF cable in the Optolux® network uses optical data transmission, that allows future improvements to be implemented in the electronics parts, using the same installed cable. The flexibility to add additional connection points on existing POF cables makes it easy to adapt to user needs without redoing the cabling.

Benefits for the user

Lower operational cost

The Optolux® network reduces energy consumption with up to 35%, compared to traditional UTP network solutions. And when additional network connections are required after a while, these can be simply added to the existing POF cabling, without requiring elaborate and expensive new cabling.

Reliable and secure

The Optolux® network provides redundancy, both in the POF ring as well as at the switch level. This will improve your up-time: when a switch breaks down, the network stays up.
And it’s hard to eavesdrop on the optical cable, adding another element to your network security.

Flexible and scalable

It is very easy to add new connections to the network. Simply cut the POF cable, and place a new Optolux® module in between. In the same way it’s very easy to reposition a network connection when circumstances change, the Optolux® network will follow your evolving needs.


The POF cable in the Optolux® network uses optical data transmission, that allows future improvements to be implemented in the electronics parts, using the same installed cable to upgrade your network.

Environmental friendly

The installed Optolux® network has a CO2 footprint that is up to 90% less than a conventional UTP network. Using 90% less cables, completely copper free, is good news for our global resources. And it needs also up to 35% less energy to operate.