Understanding how it works

Optolux® provides a modern solution to install indoor networks: quick, easy, sustainable, economical, flexible and with state-of-the-art performance. With products that fit into wall ducts, lighting systems, cable ducts, allowing you to optimize your network access.

Plastic Optical Fiber (POF)

POF is small, lightweight, fully polymer cable with a translucent core suited for optical data transmission. Its dual core, 2x 2.2mm diameter, is small enough to fit in all common and practical spaces, robust and very easy to handle.

The connections of the cable to the network devices are typically made in a couple of seconds: cut the cable, stick it into the OptoLock™, press to secure, and ready to go.

With a very stable data speed of 1Gbps it provides the standard performance that is commonly used in LAN applications.

Network Topology

Although all Optolux® components are suited for use in a traditional star network topology, generally a ring network topology is applied. This results in huge savings of required cable of 80%-90%.

In combination with the energy efficient LED-based optical data transmission, moving to an Optolux® network will lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to a traditional (UTP) network. Where the standard UTP network has a substantial part of the cost in copper cables and installation labor, the Optolux® network shifts the cost balance towards electronics, bottom line achieving a substantially lower TCO that can reduced with over 25%. Considering unfavorable cost trends for copper material and labor, this balance will likely further shift, making Optolux® an economically attractive solution.

The Optolux® network approach, with POF cabling in combination with the ring topology, introduces a range of additional benefits to the owners and users of a building. It enables e.g. redundancy of the switches to improve uptime reliability.

Optimal Flexibility

With our thin, lightweight POF cable, you can effortlessly navigate through your building without limitations or conventions. Since the optical data is not susceptible to EMC radiation, the cable can easily be installed alongside electrical wiring, in light fixtures, or in cable trays, providing maximum flexibility in every space, office, or warehouse.

Even after the network is already in use, new connection points can be added easily without the need to pull new cables; simply cut the cable and place a module in-between. This allows all users to safely and easily connect their devices at the right place, while enjoying reliable and flawless connectivity that is ready for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

Cloud management

Every Optolux® module and switch has a direct connection to the Optolux® Cloud Services (OCS). The OCS dashboard provides full remote management capabilities for all ports in the network, with access to all configuration options, collected data as well as a variety of performance reports.

The OCS connections have state-of-the-art security features and are hosted in an ISO27001 certified environment.


The Optolux® network uses optical data transmission with stable 1Gbps bandwidth, providing very fast response times (latency <<1ms). Due to the optical nature, it is also not susceptible to EMC interference, making it very robust in industrial or medical environment.

The applied ring topology allows for various levels of redundancy (both at outlet level as well as switch level), improving network uptime reliability.

With integrate PoE support (802.3at) it is very easy to directly connect any access point, camera or other device.

The OCS management provides full management feature (VLAN, activate, QoS, etc.) at each port in the network.

Before commissioning the network, a full performance report can be provided. This is not based in the bare performance (as is customary in UTP networks) but details the data performance on each port of the installed network.