With increasing market demand for sustainable, energy-efficient and CO2-saving data networks, FiberUnlimited sees an growing demand for copper-free networks. With the polymer optical fiber (POF) cable in combination with the OptoLux® modules in a ring network topology, this demand can amply be met. In recent years, FiberUnlimited has taken the lead in such projects, from delivering the technology, installation to network, network configuration and post-delivery support.

With FiberUnlimited’s growth ambitions, we are more and more relying on channel partners to support us in their specific areas of expertise. This ranges from data network installers to managed IT service providers. To enable our partners to operate independently, FiberUnlimited has developed a set of training modules for each of these areas so that our partners can be certified upon successful completion of the training. These trainings cover everything from running POF cables, network installation and configuration of the ring network, to service, network management, and troubleshooting.

The various training sessions are held at our headquarters in Amersfoort, where a fully equipped demo room is available for hands-on practical training. If desired it is also possible to hold the trainings at other locations. By providing the training sessions and certifying or partners at individual level, FiberUnlimited can maintain high quality of the deployed Optolux networks and support our growth ambitions.

For more information regarding the training courses, please contact our sales team.

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