FiberUnlimited is expanding its product range for ring networks with the launch of its new Optolink™ QuadRJ45 module, designed to extend your ring network into the office environment. This innovative module features four fully managed RJ45 ports, offering redundant connectivity and low latency network connections while substantially reducing the amount of required cabling compared to a CAT/UTP solution.

The QuadRJ45 module has been engineered for seamless integration into ring networks, providing increased redundancy and fault tolerance. One of its standout features is its compatibility with our Optolux® modules, allowing both types to be mixed within the same ring network. This flexibility enables customized network setups tailored to specific requirements, maximizing efficiency and reliability.

The QuadRJ45 has been designed to be compatible with cover plate material from all major vendors, to fit seamlessly with the look-and-feel that you have chosen for your office space.

Key features:

  • Four RJ45 ports: multiple connection points for extensive network configurations
  • Each RJ45 fully and independently managed
  • Ring network compatibility: ensures continuous operation and fault tolerance
  • Versatile integration: mix and match with OptoLux® modules in the same ring, providing maximum flexibility.

At FiberUnlimited, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of modern and sustainable networking. The QuadRJ45 module exemplifies our dedication to innovation.

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