In Hasselt, Sparkx has built the largest sports theme park in Europe, covering an area of 3,500 square meters. The park offers a wide range of options for athletes, families, friends, and organizations such as schools and companies, with more than 50 different virtual sports and gaming experiences to enjoy. Thanks to advanced technologies like AR simulators, visitors have the chance to experience less common sports like curling, baseball, and the Japanese-invented virtual dodgeball game hado, alongside traditional sports like soccer and basketball. Moreover, even less accessible sports such as paragliding, sport fishing, alpine skiing, and wingsuit flying available, suitable for all ages.

What truly makes Sparkx unique is the emphasis on health and well-being, allowing different generations to enjoy sports and entertainment together.

FiberUnlimited had the privilege of providing the data network for Sparkx, fully integrated in the lighting system of TRILUX. This Optolux® network provides the data backbone to enable all the virtual sports and gaming experiences. The redundancy of the ring topology enhances the uptime performance, to make sure that all visitors can enjoy an uninterrupted day of fun.

By using Polymer Optical Fiber and data communication based on LED technology, high bandwidth is available with very fast response times, making it a perfect match for gaming environments.

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