FiberUnlimited had the opportunity to equip a new warehouse of the Rapid Logistics site LZ8 (Hoofddorp) with a complete data network integrated into the lighting system. We install cables in the TRILUX light lines and have the capability to create data points at any position where there are no light fixtures.

Normally, this building would require at least 7 kilometers of copper cable. We completed this project with 1.7 kilometers of Polymer optical Fiber (POF) cable. In addition to the significant material savings, this also reduces CO2 emissions per meter of cable by a factor of 8 based solely on the network infrastructure.

Since much fewer meters of cable are needed, the installer benefits from requiring fewer labor hours, resulting in lower personnel deployment. This freed-up and much needed personnel can be utilized on another project, which is a win-win situation in times of a shortage of technical staff. The complete network in the building, with an area of 30,000m2, was fully operational within three days! Want to know more about this innovative project? A reference case is made about this project and is stated on our website.

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