Stellar Development has built the Ara Almelo distribution center with a strong focus on sustainability. It is the first distribution center within the “Capella” concept, created in exclusive collaboration with TRILUX, INOTEC, CHESS WISE, and FiberUnlimited.

It’s location is well visible from the A35 and directly adjacent to the entrance of the XL Business Park Twente.
The Ara Almelo logistics destination is surrounded by a unique natural screen, about 15 meters high and almost one kilometer long, to emphasize a strong relation with the surroundings nature, making it an exceptional place to work and be.

The distinctive architecture provides a strong boost to biodiversity and makes the destination the nature-inclusive calling card of the XL Business Park Twente and the municipality of Almelo.

The Optolux® solution is an excellent fit with the Capella concept, boosting the CO2 footprint reduction as well as the reduction of energy usage of the data network.

With Polymer Optical Fiber cables integrated in the continuous lighting system, the total installation time for a data network has substantially been shortened. And the ring topology makes it very easy to customise the data outlets to the specific needs of users.

Based on the Optolux® data network we have been able to demonstrate with the first users of the distribution center, that we can have the network up-and-running within a day. This helps the new tenants of the logistical center greatly to shorten the time needed to start their operation.

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