At FiberUnlimited, our commitment to sustainability is one of our core values. We know that our Optolux network solution is a key enabler to drive this in data networks.
To provide quantitative underpinning for the sustainability improvement that Optolux will bring, we engaged EnergyWatch, a renowned external and independent party in this field, to verify and calculate the sustainability contribution of our solution. This effort underscores our dedication to transparency and reliability in everything we do.

We are thrilled to announce that this independent evaluation by EnergyWatch confirmed the significant positive environmental impact of our technologies. After extensive research and calculations, EnergyWatch presented their findings end of May’24.
According to their report, our fiber optic solutions achieve a CO2 reduction of up to eight times compared to traditional network technologies. These results highlight the power of our innovations and our ability to a substantial contribution to the fight against climate change.

Choosing an independent review by EnergyWatch was essential for us. It provides our customers, stakeholders, and investors with the assurance that our sustainability claims are based on solid facts. In an era where greenwashing is a growing issue, it is crucial for us to demonstrate that our eco-friendly practices are genuine and effective. The confirmation from EnergyWatch strengthens our confidence in the path we have chosen and motivates us to further enhance our efforts.

We are proud that also independent research has confirmed our claims and achievements, and we remain firmly dedicated to fostering a sustainable future.

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