In recent years, across the world, there has been a clear shift from electrical data networks to the optical network. Providers are investing heavily when it comes to building fibre networks. This is a logical move as fibre is environmentally friendly, energy efficient and also ultra-fast when it comes to carrying data. It is also, therefore, an excellent solution for long-distance outdoor networks.

For the construction of indoor networks, Polymer Optical Fibre, also known as POF, is the obvious solution. POF is an all-optical cable for sending and receiving data, television signals, VoIP and much more. With POF, data is transmitted via LED light signals and is therefore completely radiation-free and insensitive to electromagnetic interference. POF is also extremely reliable, ultra-fast and economical. A sustainability idea that fits into today’s society and the future of energy-efficient building.

This is the future

With Polymer Optical Fibre as the basis for your indoor network, you are prepared for the future. Data throughput is only limited to the speed of light and is lightning fast. Current UTP cables can no longer handle the growth of our data traffic and can only dream of this speed. Users are now able to use POF to perfectly combine the various technologies available today, such as POF-Glass, POF-Ethernet and POF-Electra. Just what you need as an entrepreneur.

Maximum efficiency 

There is no external interference and this makes data transmission extremely stable. This is one of the biggest reasons POF is used in the automotive industry. A POF cable is robust yet lightweight. As a result of the cable’s 2 mm thickness and the composition of the material, a POF cable is ideal for use within an electrical network. This means that a POF cable can be pulled through existing cable channels without any risk of short circuits or annoying electromagnetic interference, unlike copper data cables, such as UTP, the Ethernet cable. Often, in this case, the cabling ends up being visible, or an extra pipe needs to be laid. Despite all the advantages over current data networks, the running costs of a POF network are lower and easily expandable in the future. It’s a win-win situation.

Discover our product range

To take advantage of Polymer Optical Fibre’s Unlimited capabilities, we have developed a patented product line: OptoXS™ and OptoLux™. So, as an entrepreneur, you and your business can easily make use of the speed purchased from your provider.

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