In our team we have collected all expertise that we need to completely design, develop and supply the products and services that we offer to the market. We work closely together with selected first-class design, engineering and production partners to provide us the scale and flexibility that is required for a fast scale-up of our business.

electronic & product design

FiberUnlimited develops its own products to have full control over all network components. This allows us also to react quickly on market requests for adjusted product form factor or additional functionalities.

  • product specification
  • electronic engineering
  • testing & certification

software development

Software is a key part of the product- and business proposition of FiberUnlimited. While re-using market proven software building block, we develop all differentiating elements of our software ourselves.
Especially the interaction between or products and our cloud-based management system are crucial.
  • embedded software
  • cloud based software
  • API to 3rd party systems
  • security

network engineering

The FiberUnlimited products are used to build a (TCP/IP) data network that needs to support all network requirements of our customers. Our network engineers are involved both in the product development as well as support for sales & service questions.
  • network design
  • network & configuration analysis
  • application testing
  • wireless network coverage (‘Wifi layout’)
  • Cisco certified engineers


We are regularly adjusting our organization structure to fit the growing size and market coverage of our business and team. The organization is optimized to cover all required functional activities.


Our technology team is responsible for all core technical activities, from long term technology scouting and development, down to product release. Translating new market requirements and trends into product concept, creating working prototypes to be tested in pilot products, continuous development of our software stack, just to name a few.
They work closely together with our (ODM) technology partners.

  • R&D
  • product planning & design
  • software feature planning
  • product & software release



Operations takes responsibility for the execution of a range of activities, from internal projects to full deployments of Optolux networks in new market segments. In this role, operations also maintains the up-to-date record of our business processes.
In their day to day activities they work closely together with installation partners and IT integration partners who are doing customer network installations.

  • network designs for projects
  • project management for network deployments
  • network configuration
  • quality management
  • pilot projects

Supply chain

The Supply Chain team manages the relation with our production partners who manufacture all our products. Our partners are selected for their field expertise, production quality, scaling flexibility and business model fit. They are predominantly European (German) based.
The Supply Chain team is responsible for all activities in this area.

  • production planning
  • contracts with supplier partners
  • purchasing & procurement (key compoments, products)
  • logistics


The FiberUnlimited service desk is available for all contract partners, and is available during business hours as well as 24/7. The service team provides support on all operational questions for our products and is accessible via e-mail, telephone and whatsapp.

  • OCS cloud-based management system
  • support for configuration problems
  • product related questions.
  • when contracted, also on-site product support


Our commercial team is daily in contact with our customers and commercial partners. But also exploration of new market segments and progressively also more geographies is part of their responsibility.

  • business development
  • account management
  • sales and revenue forecast
  • communication
  • marketing


Our F&A team is primarily responsible for our financial processes and general administration. Also the external financial contacts such as bank, accountant are part of their regular activity. F&A takes also care of additional supporting processes.

  • financial administration & bank records
  • accounts receivable / account payable
  • controlling and accounting
  • business reporting
  • legal & contracts
  • IT


Making sure that all functional teams can perform to their best ability is possibly the primary contribution that management needs to make. And next to that to provide the long term direction, set the short term priorities and create a stimulating working environment.

  • business planning
  • organizational structure and planning
  • HR
  • partnerships
  • investor relations