our manifest

unlimited ambition
unlimited drive
unlimited energy

We have unlimited ambition, unlimited drive and unlimited energy.

To liberate all premises and real estate in the world from outdated, slow, and polluting network cables.
To enable unlimited, sustainable connections.
And bring people closer together.

With a cost-effective and low energy-footprint solution. A super-simple, but oh-so-smart Polymer Optical Fiber cable.

Which is not just a bit, but a whole lot better!

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5 things we can’t explain:

  • That miles of obsolete cables are still being installed in new buildings.
  • That real estate developers incur unnecessary additional costs for this.
  • That those cables will have to be replaced every 12 years.
  • That they also significantly slow down construction and speed.
  • And that they wear out faster, are not truly recyclable and will be incinerated in Africa.

5 things we can explain:

How you can install connectivity with one simple POF cable and with much more flexibility.

  • How you can efficiently save costs. On construction, labour and the overall network.
  • How you can be future-proof for at least 30 years thanks to superior technology.
  • How you can benefit now from fast construction and unlimited speed at all times.
  • How you can easily contribute to a more sustainable building and a better world.