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Keeping up with the ever-changing society, your store needs a facelift every now: refreshing the layout, upgrading to energy efficient LED lighting, adding camera’s, a re-layout the data network. This is an excellent opportunity to upgrade to a sustainable data network, and at the same time speeding- up the re-opening of your store!

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It’s a sign of the times, we are all making our effort to fight climate change by improving sustainability of our premises. One of the obvious steps is replacing old-fashioned fluorescent light systems by state- of-the-art highly energy-efficient LED continuous light solutions. But while you’re at it, why stop there? This is the perfect time to make substantial additional improvements, to sustainability and building value. Integrate the data network in this LED light system!

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Every event location nowadays needs a reliable data network that can provide the bandwidth to handle the peak-loads of data traffic and provide network connections at the oddest places. On top of that, the location layout changes on a regular basis and requires changes on short notice. The flexibility and uptime of the robust and redundant Optolux® network gives you the tools to handle that. And at the same time, you do this with a solution that is also much better for the environment. That’s what you call a win-win!

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Both Wifi and wired data access are essential in every office environment. The Optolux® modules provide solutions both with PoE, to connect your Wifi access point directly somewhere on your lighting infrastructure, or with the well-known dual RJ45 outlets for your printer or desktop system. And because the ring topology is so flexible, there is no need to guess where you need to prepare access for your potential future connections – resulting in 50% outlets that will never be used; you just add new connections once you need them. And on top of that you do this with the most environmental network solution. Time to make the step into the future network.

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Every large working environment, be it a factory, a production site or assembly facility, needs a robust and extensive network over long distances to manage and monitor the working processes. The Optolux® network approach, makes it easy to cover distances well over 100m with a single POF cable, just lining up modules. The ring network, with the option to implement also redundant switches in separate locations, provides also a more robust solution to improve uptime of the network.

And with the much lower CO2 footprint of this network, combined with lower energy consumption, you also help our environment. Sufficient reasons to contact us.

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