These are some of our team players that help us free buildings from polluting cable.

our partners

Trilux is a market leader and our strategic partner for lighting solutions which has embrased the technology of FiberUnlimited for full integration of its technology in the infrastructure of light. Trilux combines lighting products with the POF/Data network proposition of FiberUnlimited.

DVRS is the one-stop-shop for companies to visualize real-time situations of unwanted behaviour and more specifically with valuable data concerning customer behaviour. DVRS provides the safest and most economical solutions for companies to integrate video data into their operations and add value for their customers. Our platform unifies surveillance hardware and a wide range of sensoric data that leads to information of critical insights. These insights help in accurate and timely follow-up.

Forcepro is the international supplier of high-quality products and specialist solutions for highly complex cases in the field of contemporary terrorism and crime fighting. Forcepro uses the products of FiberUnlimited in the field of contemporary terrorism and crime fighting. Especially in creating tethered drones.

Homefibre is our strategic partner in Austria. Their mission is to offer a perfect, comprehensive and very cost-efficient network infrastructure for their clients based on Polymer Optical Fiber (POF). We empower Homefiber in realizing enterprise class futureproof networks in Austria, Germany, Switserland and Northern Italy.

3Stone Real Estate is an allround real estate specialist. Their specialty is to advise, guide and consult corporates and investors in the purchase- and hiring process of alternative housing and commercial real estate. 3Stone differentiates itself by adding value to their project with our futureproof technology.

VolkerWessels Logistics Development (VWLD) is one of the best innovative development partner for your logistics and commercial properties. Volker Wessels Logistics deploys our futureproof networks to the core of their logistic developments.

Stellar Development develops destinations where people want to be. This by developing logistics real estate that connects nature, architecture, technology and functionality. Together with TRILUX, Innotec and ChessWise, FiberUnlimited delivers the warehouse of the future under the name of Capella.

Duqer develops, redevelops and transforms real estate. Unbiased, with respect for the existing environment and with an eye on the future for an optimal and sustainable result. Duqer makes their developments futureproof with our connectivity.

Intospace is an one-stop-platform for futureproof warehousing solutions. They help companies to excel in this complex and volatile market. They contribute to a healthier planet, by developing adaptive, futureproof logistic infrastructure. Intospace is paving the way for the future of warehousing in creating a living lab for new technologies and implementing these in future projects.

Stadsring Leeuwarden provides organizations with customized fiber optic connections. They deliver a secure and futureproof connection with a high availability. Stadsring Leeuwarden delivers the connectivity beyond the front door with FiberUnlimited.

Delta Development creates a future for buildings where we all would like to live in. Therefore the buildings they develop, function exceptionally well, have the smallest possible impact on the environment, leave a positive legacy and please people. Delta Development creates sustainable logistic warehouses with futureproof networks of FiberUnlimited.

Resolve is an integral partner for real estate deals. Integrity and transparency is their core. Resolve makes their developments futureproof with our connectivity.

Rapid Logistics has a wide range of warehousing, transportion and managing stocks globally. With their wide range of warehousing services, they help customers to optimize the management of the supply chain. Rapid logistics uses our futureproof networks to create logistic powerhouses for now and the future.

Heembouw, designers and constructors. With all their knowledge and experience they develop and create living and working environments. Together with Heembouw we realize futureproof environments in cooperation with our network.

Klictet is an innovative consultancy installation company based on sustainability. Their role is to provide their clients with the best possible advice for suitable possibilities and sustainable applications for the development of buildings. With the use of the most high-end 3D techniques and calculation tools, they achieve to realize an optimum comfort during the entire lifespan of a building.

Quadrant4 provides advise for housing issues. With a pragmatic and integral approach, they will provide the right advice for client’s short- and longterm ambitions. Our role is to help fullfilling the projects of Quadrant4 to make these futureproof.

our installation partners

PSG (POF Solution Group) are sellers, installers and maintainers in completed LAN data networks for business properties. PSG provides the best possible solution for the essentials that companies need. They are the installers of our futureproof networks with our customers.

Dosky is a full-service technical innovator. They implement stable and secure technical installations for companies and individuals. Dosky is the installer of our futureproof network with our clients.

DRG Installatietechniek is the specialist in advising, installation and network maintenance and management. DRG installs our futureproof networks with our customers.