[17 June 2024] The Ministery of Economic Affairs has presented its Actionplan Sustainable Digitalisation to the House of Representatives.

The plan underlines the importance of reduction the CO2-footprint for data infrastructure, as well as reduction of its energy consumption.
Also targeting ways to deal with the labor shortage to be able to execute such green plans is highlighted in this action plan.

These topics directly relate to the core of the Optolux® proposition, where the strong reduction of cable usage, combined with much better energy efficiency, provides clear means to address the relevant issues.
This very much strengthens our conviction that FiberUnlimited has the right data network solution for our future.

[Excerpt from the plans]

Goals and actions 2030
The Government aims for 2030 at two targets: (1) making the digital sector more sustainable and (2) use digitalisation to improve general sustainability. The action plan provides direction to these targets along three lines:

  • Making the digital sector more sustainable
    • … by making the digital infrastructure more sustainable
    • … by making the lifecycle of enduser equipment more sustainable
    • … by making Government ICT more sustainable
    • Focus on hardware, software and endusers
  • Use digitalisation to improve general sustainability
  • Provide boundary conditions for action points 1 and 2

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