FiberUnlimited and TRILUX strengthen their long-standing collaboration through the development of the custom-made Polymer Optical Fiber network module for the E-LINE NEXT light line from TRILUX. This makes it possible to provide buildings with an efficient and sustainable network via the infrastructure of light. This makes it possible to realize various applications such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and camera systems. By implementing the network modules, the costs for connectivity technology can be reduced by up to 70%.

TRILUX is the German market leader for technical lighting, so future technologies are an important part of its development strategy. One of their goals is to implement the most efficient and secure data transmission in networked lighting systems, including lighting applications such as LIGHT MANAGEMENT as well as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, camera networks and other IoT applications. Here, the so-called Plastic Optical Fibers (POF) are superior to fiber optic cables, since POF are very flexible and robust and can be connected without welding cables. POF solutions are also significantly more cost effective and sustainable than classic UTP cabling. Compared to a UTP network (star topology), POF solutions (daisy chain topology) require 90 percent less cables and 80 percent less hardware in the control room.

This reduces labor time by up to 95 percent and lowers overall costs by more than 70 percent. “With this cooperation, we are offering our customers an extremely powerful, cost-effective and sustainable alternative to classic data cabling. Next to that, we are responding to a future increase in market demand for high bandwidths in the indoor ethernet network,” explains Joachim Geiger (CSO and CMO at TRILUX). In return, FiberUnlimited benefits from getting access to a new target group. “With TRILUX POF luminaires, our network technology can be integrated invisibly, as part of the lighting system in the room, minimizing the installation effort and maximizing the functionality and flexibility,” adds Steven Bleker (CEO at FiberUnlimited).

The E-Line Next LED
Also available as a POF solution

As part of the collaboration, TRILUX and FiberUnlimited have developed a customized POF network module for the E-LINE NEXT LED continuous line, which can be used to flexibly implement lighting management and IoT applications. The first project where this solution has been implemented, has already been completed. Nedcargo, a Dutch logistics specialist, was looking for a scalable and flexible solution for the lighting refurbishment of its approximately 20,000 m² logistics warehouse in Soesterberg (The Netherlands). They opted for the TRILUX E-Line Next LED as a POF solution, since the POF cabling allows IoT components to be inserted at any point in the network.

In this way, Nedcargo was able to optimally distribute the Wi-Fi access points in the halls to ensure a comprehensive network coverage. Motion detectors were integrated into the network as a stand-alone solution. Thanks to this refurbishment, Nedcargo is expecting energy savings of up to 35 percent compared to the old system. In addition, thanks to its flexibility and scalability, the system offers many options for upgrading, retrofitting or expansion, which results in maximum future security. Since further projects are already planned, TRILUX and FiberUnlimited are continuously expanding the portfolio of POF luminaires as part of the cooperation.

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