Lightyears ahead at the speed of light

Welcome to FiberUnlimited, where our limitless ambition, drive, and energy are dedicated to eliminating outdated, slow, and polluting network cables. Our mission is to create sustainable data connections that bring people closer together. This is made possible by our cost-effective, energy-efficient, and CO2-saving solution: a smarter network utilizing the innovative Polymer Optical Fiber (POF) cable. Join us in transforming connectivity with a simple yet intelligent approach that paves the way for a greener future.

Connectivity is an essential part of any building, and today its importance is greater than ever before. In the future, the role of connectivity in buildings will only increase. That is why we ask the question: “Why are we still installing 50-year-old network infrastructures with miles and miles of copper-containing cables that we have to replace every 5 to 10 years?”

Our answer: “Yes, that can be done smarter”. Discover how Optolux®, our innovative approach to network infrastructure, quickly and easily makes existing and new buildings fit for what is needed today, and ready for whatever is to come.

Why choose FiberUnlimited?


  • Up to 10x smaller carbon footprint than network with traditional copper cabling
  • Future-proof materials from 100% plastics: it’s easy to re-use
  • Lifespan more than 30 years
  • No use of scarce materials


  • Lightweight and thin POF cable fits easily next to electrical wiring
  • Also Connectorless connection of the cable
  • Optical connection is not susceptible for EMC
  • Easily expand to more connections without running new cables to your patch room again

Network performance

  • Redundancy for all network connections
  • Very low latency (<0.1ms)
  • Full management via OCS cloud-based management portal
  • For next-level connectivity
  • Plug-less, latency-less and limitless in data throughput
  • Coexisting with other active IT backbone systems

Cost savings

  • Less material: 5x less cable required
  • Energy-efficient network: up to 45% lower energy consumption
  • Better TCO: up to 35% lower Total Cost of Ownership

Opt for a stable, flexible, cost-effective, and sustainable network with Optolux® from FiberUnlimited