lightyears ahead at the speed of light

lightyears ahead
at the speed
of light

Connectivity has been an important, integral part of buildings for years. And today it’s more important than ever. That importance will only increase in the buildings of the future. So why don’t we implement our network infrastructure in a more flexible and future-proof way?

discover our future-proof solution

A super-simple, sturdy, slim and oh-so-smart Polymer Optical Fiber cable. Easy to combine with smart access points, a clever network topology and cloud-based management. That offers you unlimited possibilities.

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Our clever POF cable topology offers you no fewer than five advantages:

future-proof connectivity in a flash

That optimal and reliable future-proof connectivity? It is already available today for your next property. FiberUnlimited, the European developer and provider of the next standard in connectivity for buildings, offers you a complete, affordable, proven effective POF network. That is easy to install anywhere. In a flash. To which you can easily click and connect everything. Your Wi-Fi points, cameras, Bluetooth beacons or your own network products. Just plug it in. Click. Fixed. And finished.